Throughout 2018 our joint venture projects in London have continued to progress, with the residential schemes, where construction is complete, continuing to sell remaining apartments and the commercial and mixed use schemes continuing to successfully move through the phases of planning, demolition and ground works.


Our project on the South Bank, named Bankside Yards, next to the Tate Modern Gallery continues to take shape. The site, split into two parts each side on the railway line, is being phased. During 2018 site assembly was completed with the purchase of the railway arches linking the two sites. On the Western side the Ludgate House demolition was completed during 2018 and early in 2019, the ground works contractor was appointed and has commenced.  On the Eastern side on the site refinement of the planning consents continue and demolition of the old Sampson building commenced in early 2019.  This 1.4 million square feet redevelopment project will include an institutional grade office building, high quality residential apartments, extensive leisure facilities and potentially other complimentary uses.


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